Our methodology

Our process consists of eight steps.

Through a rigorous evaluation of your needs and in line with its core values, Klondike will provide the support you need for the recruitment of professionals who will bring added value to your organization. As a matter of fact, ensuring both the client and candidate are satisfied remains one of Klondike’s basic principles. For that purpose, the client and candidate will be kept informed about the status of our recruitment project.

Our methodology

Our process consists of eight steps.

The eight steps of recruitment of Klondike

Meet the client to assimilate its corporate culture and get to know its work environment

Analyze interactions between the different parties to understand the nature of the position to be filled

Determine what ideal profile is required in line with the current market reality – a key step in the process

Define the role and various functions related to the vacant position and notify the potential candidates thereof

Implement a research strategy and identify target candidates to be contacted, in line with the market reality

Opt for an identification method based on the most efficient cross utilization of various databases and professional social media

Ensure employer branding

Support the candidate throughout the process

Follow up with the client weekly to update him on the search status

Meet candidates and ensure their prequalification

Determine candidate profiles and discuss them with the client

Provide the list of pre-selected candidates (which will be more or less exhaustive depending on the complexity and urgency of the mandate)

Write profiles and assessment reports for each applicant

Facilitate interviews

Ensure employer branding throughout interviews

Prepare candidates for the interviews

Inform the client about remuneration based on experience

Negotiate salary and fringe benefits

Implement an integration strategy

Follow-up with the client and the candidate

Successful hiring is our first priority.