Nous vous accompagnons du début à la fin de votre projet.

1. Defining what you need

We come visit you to understand your need and your work environment in order to fully get your employer brand. We meet with the manager of the person to be recruited. We evaluate the job descritption together to understand the profile you are looking for. We make a mutual agreement on the deadlines.

2. Research strategy and candidates identfication

We establish a research strategy to find relevant candidates. Each research is unique and must be in line with the reality of the market.

3. First contact with potential candidates

We get in touch with the candidates identified by different sourcing channels.
We present them the assignment in the most transparent and authentic way possible, while trying to understand their motivational levers.
We approach candidates according to the basics of your employer brand.
After a reflection period, we validate the candidate's interest and then we go ahead (we do not rush the process).
We keep you updated each week on the progress of the research, with a report summarizing our research.

4. Candidates assessment

We proceed to the assessment of the pre-selected candidates physically or via videoconferincing.

5. Selection and presentation of the selected candidates

We write an interview report for each successful candidate, indicating strengths and weaknesses to discuss with you.

6. Planning the interviews

We help you organize interviews, at your offices or at our offices.
We can assist you during interviews if necessary.

7. References check

We contact the candidate’s references.

8. Presentation of the job offer

We believe the offer is the most critical moment of the process.
We facilitate the transmission of information, and we support you if there is a negotiation to be carried out.

9. Integration and follow-up after the hiring

We regularly check on both you and the candidate to make sure everything is aligned, on both sides.
If, after hiring, the candidate leaves or does not meet the requirements of the position, we offer a guarantee.

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Adresse : 1435 rue Saint-Alexandre, bureau 300, Montréal, Québec

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